CCP – what is it?

Why do we call the Corona -19 Virus the CCP Corona Virus?

Because we believe in and support the Chinese people and their fight against a tyrannical government that suppresses them and their traditional culture.

Traditional Chinese culture promotes loyalty, filial piety, dignity, and justice. Confucius’s five cardinal virtues of benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, and faithfulness have laid the foundation for social and personal morality. With these principles, the Chinese culture embodied honesty, kindness, harmony, and tolerance.

The Chinese people battle a government that arrests, torture’s and kills anyone that strongly disagrees with their rules and Ideology. A government that controls what they see, hear and say. A government that has suppressed and tried to destroy their beautiful traditional culture.

THIS IS THE CCP – Chinese Communist Party

Nobody disputes that the virus originated in China, except the CCP and it’s supporters.

They hid how quickly it spreads and other facts they knew of the virus from the rest of the world. Facts that if they had shared, could have saved thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of lives.

They own this!

Thankfully we live in America, where at least for now, we can share this without threat of repression or death.

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