Ecoprint Dying Class


Ecoprint Dying Class
Coming in Spring of 2021
Discoveries in Ecoprint
Coming in Spring of 2021

We are now OPEN for classes and tours. You will need to review and agree to our CCP – Corona Virus Policy to register for a class. (What is CCP?)

Discoveries in Ecoprint Class

Discoveries in Ecoprint Class – In this class we will dive a little deeper into different materials and effects you can achieve and use with ecoprint. Learn to dye 2 silk scarves (chiffon and satin), a long linen scarf as well as two cotton tea towels. Learn about the different mordants and preparation for each type of fabric. We will also experiment with dyed ‘blankets’ that will dye the material around the leaf prints. While our creations are steaming, we will enjoy a yummy farm to table style lunch, then take a walk in the woods and learn to identify different trees by their bark and leaves and discus how they print during the ecoprint process.

For some details on how ecoprint works, please see the description below about the INTRODUCTION to ECOPRINT class. Please note that due to material costs involved with the Discoveries in Ecoprint Class. The Class fees will most likely be around $150. There is a possibility it will be lower, but we need to confirm some material shipping costs before confirming the fee. Also note the start time for this class will probably be at 9:00 am to be sure we are taking advantage of the dwindling daylight this time of year, as well as the fact that we will be dying more surfaces and it may take more time to complete then the for the INTRO class. We will be confirming any changes to class details by Oct 10. To register or get more information, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and indicate your interest in the DISCOVERIES in ECOPRINT class.

Introduction to Ecoprint Class

Eco printing is that place where natural dying, creativity, art and surprise all come together in a single location. Learn how to capture the beauty of natural plant material on silk and wool. We will explore and discuss multiple techniques for printing on silk and wool with local and regional plant material.

All materials are provided but we encourage you to bring some local plant material such as oak, pecan, sumac, maple and chestnut leaves, or anything else in your yard you are curious to see if it will print. We will have plenty for everyone even if you do not bring anything.

We begin the morning with homemade sweet breads, coffee or tea. lunch is a warm yummy, farm to table, cozy affair!

Teacher INTRO to ECOPRINT: Steve Clark
Steve spent his education and
career as a civil engineer in a
very linear world. After retiring
to the mountains he woke up and somehow had a pasture full of
alpacas, sheep, llamas and
angora goats. With rooms full of bags of fiber, he started the process of learning to knit, spin, dye, & card
As it turns out, Steve’s linear thinking has been most useful in the art of eco printing, which is a meeting place of creativity and science

Teacher DISCOVERIES in ECOPRINT: Holly Williams

All levels welcome for both classes.
Class Times: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm (May – Sept)
Class TImes: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm (Oct – Nov)

Class Fee INTO to Ecoprint: $99.00 each

A minimum of four (4) students is required to host these classes.

Class Dates
Ecoprint Dying Class
Coming in Spring of 2021
Discoveries in Ecoprint
Coming in Spring of 2021

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