Farm Cats

No Farm is complete without at least a few kitties around. At one point we had over 10 cats. We are down to 4 now, would have been 3, but Big Daddy decided to move in over at the barn last year. Most of our kitties just showed up on the farm like Big Daddy, but we have also adopted a few from the The Mountain Shelter, Castoff Pet Rescue and Logans Pet Rescue.

Several have very special stories, like Tweek and Hey Nonny Nonny. Tweek we believe was beamed into the big white pine outside of our house by aliens….oh, my goodness, we have never met a more mischievous, playful or smart cat such as he. He makes us laugh every day and not just a giggle, a gut laugh. How he found his way as a tiny kitten high up in the tree, we will never know.

Nonny was found mauled out back. We never were able to find out what happened to her. She was feral to be sure, skinny and beat up, hardly able to stand and unable to walk. It took a long time for her to recover. Unfortunately Nonny passed away soon after her recovery. We think she was stuck by a falling tree, as we found her lifeless body near a tree that had fell in my garden.

Suetty Kitty…my yoga partner!

How are cats and alpacas?
Cats should always be spayed/neutered and be kept up to date on shots & test negatively for FLV & FIBV, especially around alpacas which can get toxoplasmosis…..just like humans do. If you are diligent about the care of your cats and do your best to encourage them to eat “cat food” instead of wild things, it should not be a problem.

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