Silk Scarf Dying Class

Classes coming in Spring 2021

We are now OPEN for classes and tours. You will need to review and agree to our CCP – Corona Virus Policy to register for a class. (What is CCP?)

Silk Dying
Dye four different silk scarves while learning four different silk dying techniques. Ecoprint, Indigo Vat Shibori Tie dye, and Ice Dying will all be covered in the class. As well as the art of over dying.

Learn to use leaves and other vegetation and flowers to create unique prints on a silk scarf. this will be a shortened, less intensive instruction of ecoprinting then the class taught here by Steve Clark every year. If you wish to dive a little deeper with ecoprinting, consider signing up for his class here next summer.

Ice Dying
Let the whimsy of melting ice make some fun color patterns on a silk chiffon scarf. Mix all of your favorite colors and see what happens while using this unique, fun dying technique.

Indigo Vat & Shibori tie dye
Learn to make an organic Indigo Dye Vat. Dye a silk chiffon scarf folded and tied Shibori style.

Tie Dye
This isn’t your usual hippie tie dye. Using richer jewel and earth tones we will make fun patterns using lids and rubber bands.

Over Dying
Over dying is the technique of doing just what it sounds like you would be doing. Taking something that you already dyed and putting it in pot after pot of different colors, layering many colors together.

While most of the dyes we use are commercial dyes, we will also discuss natural dyes, mordants and even indigo dying.

All levels welcome

Class Fee:
Due to the cost of silk (which is made in china) the cost for this class is $130
A $25 deposit is required for this class. If for some reason I have to cancel the class you may use the deposit on another class or I will reimburse you the deposit. All silks, dyes and supplies are provided as well as a warm farm to table style lunch.

Teacher: Holly Williams
Holly is the owner of Lasso the Moon Alpaca Farm, Lardworks Studio Inc and Laces of Lore Fiber Art. Holly has been teaching fiber art on the farm for over 15 years.

A minimum of four (4) students is required to host this class.

Class Date:
Classes Coming in Spring 2021

Schedule a private class for a group: If you have four students that wish to take this class, we can work out a date that works for all of us and schedule a private class.

To register or find out more information about this class, please fill out the form below.

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