Yum…anything that makes you truly happy is a yum. Our yum also includes gardening, foraging, cooking and of course eating, which we will cover a good bit in our blog. Listed under the Eat link here you will find the recipes from our old websites archives that are class lunch favorites. Be sure to subscribe to our blog for new recipes and discoveries about gardening and foraging. (We also love to create soap, make music and build things…but more on that later).

I enjoyed learning to drive the old Farmall tractor with my grandpa and helping my mother with her plentiful and gorgeous flower beds as a child. I guess that love of flowers and digging in the dirt never went far. Click here to learn more about our gardening adventures at Lasso the Moon.

Foraging doesn’t have to be scary. There are many common plants that can be foraged for food and or medicinal value. While taking a walk in the woods, always brings new discoveries, taking a walk in the back yard can be just as productive. Learn more about foraging here.

Cooking & Eating
Add foraging and gardening to your cooking and eating and you will be introduced to a whole new kind of YUM. Follow our blog for new recipes and check out our archives for the old favorites from our class lunches!

Click here for more information on other fun classes and events at Lasso the Moon Alpaca Farm/ Lardworks Glass & Fiber Studio.
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