Showing Alpacas

Why show an alpaca? Think dog show…but with alpacas. Dog breeders show their dogs to prove superiority of genetics. The more ribbons they win, potentially the more they are worth as breed stock. That said, even if an alpaca wins 10 championship ribbons, it does not mean as much as them having 5 cria (baby alpacas) that themselves go on to win 10 championships. It’s all about the progeny and proof of genetic gain.

We used to attend 6 or 7 shows a year, but have slowed down a good bit as other aspects of our alpaca business have picked up speed. That and we used to actually manage a couple of alpaca shows in the southeast. We started the Royal Alpaca Challenge, that used to be in Conyers, GA and then also managed the Southern Select Alpaca Show when it was in Sevierville, TN – we managed shows for almost 10 years. Although we miss seeing everyone at the shows, it is nice to take a break from it as well. We still try to make it to at least a couple of shows a year. In 2018 one of our young boys received a first at the big National Show competing against 12 other alpacas in his age and color group. We look forward to getting him back out there in fall of 2019.

If you are interested in owning alpacas, attending an alpaca show is something you should really try to do prior to a purchase. This gives you the opportunity to speak with a bunch of experienced breeders and possibly take some seminars. To find out more about alpaca shows being held across the country, click here.

Click here for more information on other fun classes and events at Lasso the Moon Alpaca Farm/ Lardworks Glass & Fiber Studio.
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