Fiber Art

Where does one begin? The possibilities are truly endless in the fiber arts. We are all aware of the obvious: Spinning, knitting, crocheting, felting and weaving, but many are not as familiar with all the sources of natural fiber or the process taken to get the natural fibers to a place where we can begin to truly create a finished product with them. After learning about processing (taking animal or plant fiber to point where it is workable to make products), most circle around to all the fun involved in the dying process. There are natural dyes, plants that you can pick in your garden or back yard you can use to dye, or commercial dyes with gorgeous, more predictable, vibrant colors. It is all a continuation of discovery and learning that never seems to end, and those of us that dive in, don’t want it to. Please follow our blog at as we are always discovering new things about the fiber arts process that we love to share.

The majority of classes hosted on our farm and posted in our video tutorials are geared towards felting and dying. There are four main many ways to felt. Knit & felt, Straight layered wet felting, nuno felting and needle felting. The real fun begins when you learn them all and combine at will.

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Dying fiber is another layer upon layer you peel back like an onion as you learn more about it. Speaking of onions…onion skins are used to dye fiber ; )

There are some crazy things used to dye fiber…. from insects to mud. We refer to the Native American culture many times on our website/blog, from natural healing, dying, foraged foods and even animal trekking. The knowledge of earths natural medicine and dye resources taken advantage of by the Incans, Mayans, Ancient Greeks, Romans and Vikings, and even latter with the Native Americans is fascinating. It is also fascinating to think of how much our recent ancestors learned from them, that we, in the fast moving present have all but forgotten.

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