Visit the Farm

and Lardworks Fiber & Glass Studio.


Meet the gentle alpaca up close. Our educational tours take you from alpaca origins and care to learning how their delightfully soft fiber is processed and used in wearables and art. The tour also includes a visit to Lardworks Glass & Fiber studio gallery/store.

THIS WEEK ON THE FARM – October 14 – 20

Monday, Oct 14 – Available for tours – must make appointment
Tuesday, Oct 15 – Closed
Wednesday, Oct 16Needle Felting a Pumpkin Class – no tours
Thursday Oct 17 – Available for tours – must make appointment
Friday, Oct 18 – Available for tours – must make appointment
Saturday, Oct 19 – Exhibiting artwork/alpaca products at Harvest Festival at Crane Creek Vineyard in Young Harris, GA – no tours
Sunday, Oct 20 – Available for tours – must make appointment

NEXT WEEK ON THE FARM – October 21 – 27

Monday, Oct 21 – Closed
Tuesday, Oct 22Silk Scarf Dying Class – no tours
Wednesday, Oct 23 Nuno Felting a Vest Class – no tours
Thursday Oct 24 – Closed
Friday, Oct 25– Attending the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair – no tours
Saturday, Oct 26Needle Felting a Chipmunk Class – no tours
Sunday, Oct 27 – Available for tours – must make appointment

Please read the tour info below
before making an appointment!

This is a private farm! Please respect our privacy and make an appointment before arriving. We do not accept drive ups.
If you wish to shop in the Gallery/Farm store and not take a tour, you will still need to make an appointment to do so, see below for contact information.


We do not charge a fee per person to visit our farm. We do however appreciate donations or store/gallery shoppers!

How long are tours?
Tours usually take between 45 minutes to an hour. Just depends on the visitors.

Weather and Access
Tours take place RAIN or SHINE. The majority of the tour takes place under a roof or inside our studio. This is a private farm/studio. Unfortunately we do not have wheelchair access up to the studio (second portion of tour). While the ground is a little uneven in the barn, we have had folks successfully navigate a visit with the alpacas in a wheelchair.

No Visiting Dogs Please

Our dogs have a job on the farm…besides entertaining our guests. Their job is to keep other canines off our property. Canines are the biggest threat to alpacas as a predator.

Upon Arrival:
Please do not arrive early and expect the tour to begin just because you are here.

We usually book two or three groups in one appointment, so we always wait until the designated tour time to begin the tour, thus giving everyone the opportunity to arrive.
Where do I park?
Please stay to the right on the gravel drive and park by the barn. If you are a little early, you may sit and relax in the Adirondack chairs we have provided (or your car) and wait for the tour to begin. Please do not wonder around the farm prior to the tour.

Tour Scheduling

We are not open in the early mornings, this is chore time. Most appointments are made after lunch between 1 and 3 pm. The number of tours we schedule per week depends solely on our availability that week. There is no set schedule. We do host five Open Farm/Studio events every year. No appointment is needed during these event dates/times, click here to learn more.

Sign up for one of our Labor Day Weekend Tours!

About the Tours

It is our mission to educate our visitors about alpacas and all the uses for their wonderful fiber. We answer a lot of questions and share a lot of information regarding the origin and care of the alpacas as well as how the fiber is used and processed. As a full time fiber artist, we also talk about some fiber arts techniques and view some of our fiber art work in the Studio.

Touching and Feeding Alpacas
We do let folks interact with them (pet them with our assistance) and usually feed them a bit when appropriate. We do our best to be sure everyone has an enjoyable visit, humans and alpacas alike.

Small Children
Animals and small children can be very unpredictable, for this reason we please ask that all toddlers and children under the age of 4 must have a parent within arms reach of the child at all times.  Young children under the age of 5, may prefer a petting zoo type facility instead of a working, private farm such as ours…but of course ALL are welcome. Alpacas are sweet, but very shy and don’t like loud noises and fast movement. However, if you are patient they will come up to you and give you a kiss.

Want to make an appointment?

You can…
1) Text Holly: 706-897-2379
2) Fill Out Form at Bottom of this page.

Large Groups
We do offer occasional private tours to larger groups, for example, the VW Club of Athens, The Young Adult Leadership Group shaperoned by United Community Bank, as well as some smaller groups of home schoolers. There is an age and student to adult ratio requirement for larger private tours.

We do not host school bus tours or children’s parties. 
Due to the stress on the animals brought about by large groups of ‘excited’ young children we do not host school bus tours or childrens parties. This does not apply to individual families visiting the farm, but larger groups where there are more children then adults. 

We do Not lease our alpacas for birthday parties or wedding events.

Special group tours that include a short (1 – 3 hours ) fiber art class
Would you like to learn how to felt a bar of soap, or make a bird nesting ball? We do offer some shorter, less involved fiber art class. We would start with the educational alpaca tour, then get busy making some fibery fun to take home. Classes can even include a farm to table style lunch for an extra fee. For more information on our “Touch of Fiber Arts, make and take Tours, click here.

We host five Open Farm/Studio Events each year Click here for more information

PUMPKIN and PACA FEST dates have changed to Nov 8 – 10
For more information on the Pumpkin & Paca Fest, click here.

Please note, just because you pick a date does not mean we are available. We will do our best to work with you to find a date that works for both of us. You will hear back from us within 24 hours.

Directions to the Farm
106 Agape Drive, Blairsville, Ga 30512

  • Gardening tips
Click here for more information on other fun classes and events at Lasso the Moon Alpaca Farm/ Lardworks Glass & Fiber Studio.
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