Lardworks Studio

Lardworks Studio Inc.
Glass, Fiber, Jewelry, Music and much more!

Lampwork Glass Beads. Playing with fiber is way too much fun. To learn more about Holly’s bead work and online glass bead making (lampworking) classes, click here.

Fiber Art
The luxurious soft textile, called ALPACA. To learn more about LW Studio Fiber art and fiber art classes at the farm or the online classes, click here.

One of kind artist finds

LW Jewelry Designs
One of a kind Jewelry, combining fiber, leather, sterling silver, copper, brass and lampwork glass beads. For more information, Click here.

Laces of Lore
In 2012, a good friend of mine and I started a new line of wearable alpaca art, called Laces of Lore. They are totally unique and fun to wear. You can wear them as a necklace, many together as a scarf, a belt or even braid them in your hair. Each end is embellished with something unique. For more information, click here.

Hand Dyed Silks
Dying is so much fun and the possibilities are endless. We offer some gorgeous hand dyed silks for sale in our farm store shop and occasionally in our Online shop. We also teach silk dying in our Dying to Learn Class.

Online Classes
Fiber Art and Glass BeadMaking
~Free Classes
~Purchase Individual Online Classes
~Purchase a Subscrition to access all classes.

For more information about the
Lardworks Studio online Classes, Click here

What’s in a Name?
Lardworks Studio Inc was established in 2000. Why the name Lardworks? Well, it’s a wee bit of a long story, but the short of it is my husbands nickname when he played football in college was Lard. Also being a bit of a renaissance man, he loves music (bass player) and Dj’d for the college radio station…plus he is a pretty good painter and a damn good barn builder…(as I was to find out latter)! When we first met, I went back to school to learn film and digital graphics. For one of my school assignments I made a film called, “The Unavoidable adventures of Superlardass Man” where I asked him to dress up as Superlardass man. Made him wear cloths that were way to tight, a cape and eye band. Actually had him jump on a trampoline so I could get a close up of gut jiggle. What a sport!!! Lard just had to be a part of the name of our Studio, So Lardworks it is!

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