Textile and fiber dyeing is just one of many steps to get to a finished fiber art product. But It is a BIG step, and also a very fun step. It can seem a little intimidating at first, but once you choose to dive in and learn a few simple basics it really isn’t intimidating at all. There are just so many options with all the techniques, dyeing agents and colors available that it can make the mind whirl thinking about where to begin. You have to consider what type of fabric/fiber you are dying and what the end use will be, before you can make a good decision about your dyeing choses.

We teach several dyeing classes here at Lasso the Moon/Lardworks Studio. The Dyeing to Learn Class is focused on covering as much as we can regarding dying techniques for wool and even covers some silk scarf dying as well as preparing a fresh off the animal fleece for dying.

At FarmFeltandGlass.com Blog we will be posting a good bit about natural dyeing and how to forage wild plants and grow your own dyeing plants as well as where to best purchase commercial dyes and dyeing supplies.

We also offer some specialty dyeing classes, like ecoprinting. Ecoprinting is such a beautiful form of dyeing. The cool thing about ecoprinting is that you are actually printing nature directly on your canvas, be it wool, paper, leather or silk.

We are working on a video series about dyeing, so check back or join our mailing list for more information on that.

Fiber Art Video Tutorials

Click here for more information on other fun classes and events at Lasso the Moon Alpaca Farm/ Lardworks Glass & Fiber Studio.
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