Lunch with Alpacas

Where? How about the gorgeous North Georgia Appalachian Mountains?

An aerial view of our farm


A few years back we talked about hosting a trail walk with alpacas followed by a lunch served outside in the woods. We were really excited about the idea initially, as were many of our visitors. Unfortunately, we have decided to move away from this idea due to all of the work that would be involved in such an endeavor. Finding the right alpacas for this was something that we could not seem to work out. Even the sweetest alpaca gets spooked easily. We didn’t like the idea of having to lock our farm dogs up every time we did a trail walk. Alpacas do not like dogs and are very nervous around them. Even sweet alpacas have bad days and don’t like to be haltered, the thought of being spit on by said grumpy alpaca before we even got started was not appealing to us. Then there is all the trail maintenance…and we haven’t even made it to the lunch part yet. It was a fun idea, but every time we looked at what would be involved to make it work, we decided, well it just wasn’t going to work for us.

Now let’s talk about food. I love to garden, and I love to cook. I get wonderful reviews from my students regarding the farm to table style lunches that are served for my classes. Throughout the years I have had folks ask If I would be willing to serve a dinner or lunch on the farm without having to take a class. I must say the idea does intrigue me. As an alpaca once said, “hmmmmm’. Maybe offer reservations for a special lunch or dinner once a month? Table set really nice with linens and China…but out in the pasture with the alpacas. Kind of like Goat Yoga, except you’re eating and not exercising. Probably a more agreeable situation for most of us. There is still a lot to consider before we would follow through with this idea, but meanwhile, I would love to hear from you and get your feedback. (See form below).

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