Lunch and Trail with Alpacas

Where? How about the gorgeous North Georgia Appalachian Mountains?

An aerial view of our farm

Who wouldn’t want to spend a day walking a quaint woodland trail while leading an alpaca and learning about native plants as you go.
….to top it off we will stop in the woods for a gourmet lunch in a little tree house style dinning room.

Well, we are working on it now!

Pictured above is Jewel weed. The Native Americans used it to help stave off the itch from Poison Ivy & Oak by rubbing the leaves of the Jewel weed plant on the area that came in contact with Poison Ivy or Oak. We will be selling a balm and a soap made with jewel weed in our farm store. There are so many interesting native plants in the Appalachians. We plan to start taking reservations for LUNCH & TRAIL WITH ALPACAS in Fall of 2023 There will be an age limit and it is suggested that you come to a tour before considering joining us for the Lunch and Trial.

This is Dead mans fingers. Pretty cool, right?

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To view some of the recipes that are served at our class & trail lunches, click here.

Lugg Nutt loves to take walks with the alpacas.
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